Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality offers creators like Mohammed the means to immerse others in worlds of their own design.

The Future Aleppo Virtual Reality experience is still a work in progress, but when finished you will be able to join Mohammed and his friends and family inside his vision of Aleppo; both how it was and how it might become.

As you arrive you will be met by Mohammed, who will teach you how you can reconstruct the city using paper, as he does himself. Thereafter you are free to build however you like, whilst interacting with a number of unique personalities within the city.

We debuted the experience as an ‘On rails’ prototype in partnership with Marshmallow Laser Feast as part of the Sheffield International DocFest commission, supported by FACT and the UK Arts Council.

We have continued to develop the project and have found many other applications for Virtual Reality when crafting specific experiences with children in workshops with tailored interactions to those who have helped build those worlds.

We hope to publish the completed experience later in 2018 and will continue to build new experiences for every group of children that we work with.



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